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I enjoy creating. I enjoy wondering why I enjoy creating. I like to think that I like to think, but when it really comes to brass tacks--I try not to sit on them. In other words I'm a fair weather thinker. My experience is that intuition grants us far more value than any self induced knowledge, though I by no means advocate the abondonment of ration or logic. I simply believe that it's not all of which some seem to think it is. At least not in it's current state of accessability to humanity at large. I gladly forsake any semblance of openmindedness or equality in the view of mortals to touch, and remain as close to, that which is truly divine in life.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Entertainment and Reversals

Entertain is essentialy derived from two different words that, together, translate essentialy to "to hold between". In other words, to be entertained is to be momentarily stuck between one state or position and another. The phrase fence sitter comes to mind. Most all people, at one point or another, point a finger of scorne or wag a finger to shame those who "sit on the fences". Yet we all do it. Most of the time we are not even privy to when and where we are doing it. The truth is that it's very very easy for us to get stuck in some position that is neither where we have been, nor where we need to go to. Whether an activity, a lifestyle, a mentality, a relationship. We talk of escapism. So often we are trying to escape from something. I fear that, too often, we find ourselves (I'm not innocent here myself) doing something that we don't see as bad OR good (or at least not good to a degree to really merit the investment) that we end up allowing our whole lives to become one giant attempt to escape life. Then we get to the end and wonder where the time went. We wonder why we didn't, or didn't seem able, to accomplish what we wanted to. Or even worse, we get to the end of life and have no clue why we lived at all. We get to the end realizing that we allowed ourself to get so occupied with the "entertainement" (even unwanted distractions can be classified as entertainement--like those stupid sitcoms that we watch simply because they are on).

Now on to reversals.


Look it up in the dictionary. If you are not savvy as to the full history of the word it will suprise you. I always find words whose meaning or application has done a 180 over time to be some of the most interesting case studies. Reminds me of the warnings to those who set light for dark or dark for light.

Anywho. My pontifications for the day.


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