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I enjoy creating. I enjoy wondering why I enjoy creating. I like to think that I like to think, but when it really comes to brass tacks--I try not to sit on them. In other words I'm a fair weather thinker. My experience is that intuition grants us far more value than any self induced knowledge, though I by no means advocate the abondonment of ration or logic. I simply believe that it's not all of which some seem to think it is. At least not in it's current state of accessability to humanity at large. I gladly forsake any semblance of openmindedness or equality in the view of mortals to touch, and remain as close to, that which is truly divine in life.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

To be a fool.

"Only fools trifle with the souls of men"

--Joseph Smith Jr.

I think this is one of the truest statements there are. I wish I could say I've never been a fool with regard to the above. While I've never done anything terrible to anyone else I have been foolish in some of my interactions with other souls. I pray those offenses will be the only ones I ever commit with regard to the evil of "trifling" with souls. Who we are is essentially how we treat other souls. I hope I never forget that. I hope I always remain aware of the endurance of everyone’s soul and the responsibility I have to only edify the souls of others.

--Find the Hive


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