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I enjoy creating. I enjoy wondering why I enjoy creating. I like to think that I like to think, but when it really comes to brass tacks--I try not to sit on them. In other words I'm a fair weather thinker. My experience is that intuition grants us far more value than any self induced knowledge, though I by no means advocate the abondonment of ration or logic. I simply believe that it's not all of which some seem to think it is. At least not in it's current state of accessability to humanity at large. I gladly forsake any semblance of openmindedness or equality in the view of mortals to touch, and remain as close to, that which is truly divine in life.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Meek Children and Saturday

Who are these children coming down, coming down.

Like gentle rain though darken skies.

With glory trailing from their feet as they go.

And endless promise in their eyes!

Who are these youn ones growing tall, growing tall.

Like silver trees against the storm.

Who will not bend with the wind or the change,

But stand to fight the world alone!

These are the few, the warriors

Saved for Saturday, to come

The last day of the world

These are they, on Saturday.

These are the strong, the warriors

Rising in the might to win

The battle raging in

The hearts of men, on Saturday.

Strangers from a realn of light

Who have forgotten all.

The memory of their former life.

The purpose of their call.

And so they must learn why they're here

And who they really are.

They must learn why they're here

And who they are!

These are the few, the warriors

Saved for Saturday, to come

The last day of the world

These are they, on Saturday.

--Saturday's Warrior

Had a good friend point out something to me today. Jesus statest that it is the meek who will inherit the earth. The question then, who's meek?


Children are the meek.

Those who have many children have lives that can have more potential to be filled with meekness.

But there's also the fact that the only people, through the ages, that have really inherited the earth, have been those who have been willing to have kids, and alot of them.

Look at the current ethnic makeup of the Italians. It's almost completely foreign to the ethnic makeup of the original Romans. Those who currently occupy Italy are mostly descended from those who were held as slaves and lower classes by the Romans. When the Romans stopped having kids sufficient to replace themselves their meek servants' children inherited their master's land.

We look at one of the aims of Christ. Namely world domination carried out by the meek. If you gain dominion over the earth without sword or force of arms or cunning what other way is there? Meekness. Meek children.

What think ye?

--Find the Hive


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