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I enjoy creating. I enjoy wondering why I enjoy creating. I like to think that I like to think, but when it really comes to brass tacks--I try not to sit on them. In other words I'm a fair weather thinker. My experience is that intuition grants us far more value than any self induced knowledge, though I by no means advocate the abondonment of ration or logic. I simply believe that it's not all of which some seem to think it is. At least not in it's current state of accessability to humanity at large. I gladly forsake any semblance of openmindedness or equality in the view of mortals to touch, and remain as close to, that which is truly divine in life.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Breaking Democratic Precedent

One often hears the axiom that no two democratic states have ever gone to war. While that generaly seems to be true I've often wondered where the US Civil War lies with regard to that particular axiom.

Now we find a mass of people seemingly clearly chosing a war path against a fellow democracy. There's something to be said about traditions and histories. Napoleon once said that "History is a set of lies agreed upon." Even if that is the case there's something to be said for believing in a view and take on history that is pliable enough to try and get as close to the truth as is humanly possible rather than dogmaticaly clinging to the narrowly self-gratifying take some cultures take through their traditions.

Here's my view of what our take on the present situation would be if our outlook were as distorted as that of many in opposite ideological realms and if we had the same dogmatic emnity of those who wish to see our downfall.

"The 'Ummahist Entity' must be destroyed!"

"The socialist infidels are simply puppets of the 'Ummahist Entity'"

"The Iraq War is simply a fabrication effected by the 'Ummahist Entity' to justify their threats and continued attacks on the Western Tradition"


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